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Not able to Verify Instance Key

If you are having trouble verifying the instance key please access your icehrm database via mysql console client or a graphical database manager like PHPMyAdmin and run following sql command
Update Settings set value = md5(value) where name = 'Instance : ID';
Then navigate to dashboard and try to verify your installation again

Leave Management

How to add a leave type only visible to limited number of employees

  • Create a leave group (Admin -> Leave Settings -> Leave Groups -> Edit Leave Groups)
  • Add all the employees that should see the leave type to above group (Admin -> Leave Settings -> Leave Groups -> Leave Group Employees)
  • Create a leave type and set its leave group to newly created leave group
  • Only the employees in step (2) will be able to see and apply for this leave type


How is the pricing compare between IceHrm cloud and pro

PThe price for both depends on the number of employees you have. You can check the price for IceHrmPro here: This is a one-time fee and you can optionally renew the license after the first year to keep receiving upgrades.
IceHrm cloud subscription starts with 9 USD per month. The cost per additional employee starts with 2 USD but the per-employee fee goes down when your company is growing. You can get an estimate of monthly subscription by entering the number of employees you have here:

How to Update VAT ID

If your company is based in Germany you will be charged 19% Vat on your payment. If your company is based in another country in EU other than Germany you will be charged 19% unless you have provided your VAT ID.
You can update your Billing country and VAT ID under Settings -> Company section

How to Upgrade to IceHrm Cloud

When you create a new IceHrm hosted installation you will get to use a trail of IceHrm Cloud. After the 45 days free trial period, you will be able to continue using your installation with IceHrm Lite, which has a limited number of features.
You can upgrade your installation, via the billing module.

How to make subscription payments

When you sign up for a free trial, you get 45 days. Then you can upgrade anytime you want as the previous. Once upgraded you will get an email with a link to make a payment. You can view all invoices and transactions under the billing module.
We do not store customer credit card information. So we don't charge the customer automatically. Every month you will have to make the payment by clicking on the payment link we are sending via Email.
Also, you may make a one-time payment by adding credit to your account. Then each month when a payment is due we can deduct the correct amount from your credit so you don't have to visit the link and make a payment every month.