Performance Reviews

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IceHrm defines a clear and simple process for conducting performance reviews for your employees. The process can be broken down into the following steps.

Self Assessment

  1. Admin / Manager create a questionnaire for employee self-assessment

  2. Admin / Manager initiate a performance review for an employee

  3. The employee receives a notification about the performance review

  4. The employee fills in the self-assessment and submits it

360 Degree Feedback

  1. Admin / Manager create a questionnaire for getting feedback

  2. Admin / Manager creates feedback forms and assigns it to peers and connects each feedback into a review

  3. Employees provide feedback by filling in the questionnaire

Conducting performance review

  1. Create Performance Review templates and assign them to the Employee and Employee's Manager

  2. The manager uses the self-assessment and feedback as an indication to evaluate the employee for the given period

  3. The manager adds notes to the employees' performance review

How to Create a Review Template for an Employee?

In order to get feedback from employees about their work performance or about other colleagues’ work performance using IceHrm, you will need to create a template under performance review. To do this:

1. Log in to the Admin account or also you can log in as a Manager or Supervisor

2. Got to Manage -> Performance

3. IceHrm Performance Review module has four tabs:

a. Performance Review

b. Feedback Requests

c. Employee feedback templates

d. Employee goals

4. First, you need to create a Review Template.

5. Click on Add New in order to generate a new review template. Using Add Field option you can create your questions.

6. When adding a Filed;

a. Enter the Question. b. Then you need to select a Field Type –Under IceHrm performance review, you can add a few different field types according to your requirements. You can add a Text Field, Text Area or you can allow Select Options or File Upload or you can also allow entering Date or Time.

*** If you select the Text Area or Text Field, employees will be able to type a single sentence or multiple sentences in order to answer the question. If you select the Select option which means you can allow employees to select over options. You can add options under the next field which is Options.

How to Assign a Review Template to an Employee or a Manager?

Go to Performance Reviews->Add New to assign a performance review for a particular employee or Manager.

a. Select the Employee, you wish to assign the performance review

b. You can select the Template as the next step. You won’t be able to do it if you haven’t created the Templates prior as explained in the first question. Select the right Template for the right employee.

c.Keep the Status as Pending if this hasn’t been processed yet.

d. Set up the Dates correctly and Save

How to add employee goals?

Once you have assigned a performance review to an employee, under the performance review tab you will be able to see the employee performance reviews.

To add employee goals click on the view button, then click on the goals tab and click on add new goal.

Now start adding the employee goals.

Once you have added an employee goal you can change the progress of the goal using the + and – buttons. After you have changed the progress make sure you hit the save button.

You can also view all the employee goals under Performance reviews -> employee goals tab.

How to Complete a Performance Review as an Employee?

Employees can view the Performance Review assessment from the Notification on the top bar Or else they can go to Performance Module->Reviews->self assessment

Once you have answered all the questions click on save.

To view your goals created by your manager/admin click on the goals tab.

To change the progress of the goals use the + or – buttons and click on the Save button.

How to Request Review Feedback from a Supervisor?

  1. Log in to the Admin account

  2. Under Performance Review module on Dashboard

  3. Click on to the Review Feedback tab

  4. Click on Add New in order to request feedback from employees

How to Complete a Performance Review as a supervisor?

Managers can log in to their accounts and click on the notification on the top bar or they can go to their Performance Module->Review->Feedback requests

Click on the give feedback button and answer all the questions, click on save and then click on the submit button.

How to View Employees Performance Review as a Supervisor?

Go to Manage -> Performance -> Feedback Requests and click on the view button.

You can also view the review under the Performance review tab. Go to the performance review tab click on the view button and under the peer feedback section you will be able to view the peer feedback.

How to view peer feedback as an employee?

Go to Performance reviews -> reviews -> self assessments. Click on the view button and go to the peer feedback section and click on the view button.

How to add a note for a performance review?

  1. Log in to the Admin account

  2. Go to Performance Review module on Dashboard

  3. Under Performance Review tab, employees’ reviews will be there

  4. Click on the Edit button.

Click on the add button and add a note.

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