Performance Reviews

IceHrm defines a clear and simple process for conducting performance reviews for your employees. The process can be broken down into the following steps.

Self Assessment

  1. Admin / Manager create a questionnaire for employee self-assessment

  2. Admin / Manager initiate a performance review for an employee

  3. The employee receives a notification about the performance review

  4. The employee fills in the self-assessment and submits it

360 Degree Feedback

  1. Admin / Manager create a questionnaire for getting feedback

  2. Admin / Manager creates feedback forms and assigns it to peers and connects each feedback into a review

  3. Employees provide feedback by filling in the questionnaire

Conducting performance review

  1. Manager and Employee with meets for the review (optionally based on your company performance review process)

  2. The manager uses the self-assessment and feedback as an indication to evaluate the employee for the given period

  3. Manager adds notes to the performance review