Attendance Module

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IceHrm has several different tools for managing and recording employee time.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance represents the time you were in office.

Recoding Attendance

Employees can record attendance via Time Management -> Attendance. While recording attendance they can select the time they arrive and leave the office.

When tracking attendance you can either let your employees enter the time when recording attendance or configure it to use server time.

Attendance Tracking with User Time

Under System -> Settings set Attendance: Use Department Time Zone to No. This will let yours select the time when punching in and out.

Attendance Tracking with Server Time

Every employee should be attached to a department. These departments are defined under Admin -> Company Structure and you should have a time zone for each department defined. When an employee attached to a department records attendance icehrm uses the time in departments timezone to generate the correct time. All you need to do is set the proper time zone and set Attendance: Use Department Time Zone to Yes.

Monitoring Attendance

Attendance details of employees can be viewed/edited via Employees => Attendance module. Admin users can view all employee attendance while Managers can view attendance data for subordinates (direct reports).

Once an employee has completed 8 hours the time will turn green. Note that Icehrm considers 8 hours as a working day and if an employee passes works more than 8 hours, the remaining hours will be considered as overtime hours.

To change the overtime start hour go to system -> settings -> attendance -> Attendance: Overtime start hour and click on edit to change the overtime start hour.

Uploading Attendance Data

You can upload attendance data from your attendance recording devices instead of allowing employees to punch in/out using icehrm.

  1. Download the sample attendance file from here

  2. Then add your attendance data in the same format.

  3. Goto System -> Data -> Data Import Files tab

  4. Create a new data import as shown below. Use a descriptive name

  5. Save and from the "data import file list" click process button

Attendance Sheets

Attendance Sheets which can be accessed via Time Management => Attendance Sheets is a way for employees to group attendance details for the whole week and send it for approval to the supervisor. This feature is useful when you pay employees based on attendance. In such cases, there should be an approval process in place.

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