Data Import
You can import data into icehrm using CSV files. By default we support importing basic employee details and attendance data.

Preparing Employee Data for Upload

    Download sample data file here
    The file has following columns which matches with default employee data file definition
      employee_id = The id of the employee (this id should be unique, if the employee with same id exists in the system then employee details will be replaced)
      first_name, middle_name, last_name = Employee names
      address1,address2,home_phone,mobile_phone,work_email = Employee contact details
      gender = Male or Female
      marital_status = Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed, Other
      birthday = MM/DD/YY format
      Nationality/nationality = Any nationality defined in System -> Manage Meta Data -> Nationality
      Ethnicity/ethnicity = Any ethnicity defined under System -> Manage Meta Data -> Ethnicity
      EmergencyContact/name = Emergency contact name
      EmergencyContact/relationship = Emergency contact relationship
      EmergencyContact/home_phone = Emergency contact phone
      ssn_num = Social security number or ID number
      job_title = Job Title (this should be predefined in Admin -> Job Details Setup -> Job Titles)
      employment_status = Employment Status (should be predefined in Admin -> Job Details Setup -> Employment Status)
      joined_date = Joined date in MM/DD/YY format
      department = Company Structure this employee is attached to (predefined in Admin -> Company Structure)

Importing Basic Employee Data

    Login as Admin and Navigate to System -> Data Import Files and create a new entry with file created in previous step
    Once the entry is created click on "Process"

Creating Data Importers

You can create data importers for importing custom fields or any other additional fields into employees.

Creating a Data Importer for Updating Supervisors

Here is an example for creating a Data Importer for updating supervisors and some custom fields
    Login as Admin and Navigate to System -> Data Importers
    Create a new Data Importer named "Supervisor and Custom Field Importer" and Data Type should be "EmployeeDataImporter"
    Each importer should have one ID column. For employees the id column should be employee_id. Here is how you can add this unique id column.
    Edit the newly created data importer and add a new column named employee_id. Note that the value "is key field" is true
    Then add the column for Supervisor. We call this type of a column a reference type column because it depends on another row in a different or same entity
    Note that we have set "is key field" to true.
    Then you can add a sample custom field to the employees (via System -> Field Names Setup -> Employee Custom Fields).
    For now we will add a custom field named Contract End Date
    Now you can add a column to the existing data importer for importing data for "Contract End Date"
    Now you can create the csv file for importing supervisor and contract end date for employees. In the csv file there should be
    three columns defined fo Employee Id, Supervisor and Contract End Date. The supervisor field should hold the employee_id of the
    Download the file already created csv file for this step from here
    Crate a "Data Import File" for uploading the new file
    Process the file
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