Release Notes IceHrmPro

You can find the latest IceHrmPro release notes here.

Release note v29.0.0.PRO

🧲 New features

🛡️ Security improvements

  • More restrictive criteria for user passwords.

  • Removing support for legacy API tokens. (if you are using the mobile app your users will need to re authorize)

  • Removing unused custom field values.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Only relevant settings are displayed, under the Other tab on settings module

    Release note v28.2.0.PRO

New features

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixing inability to filter employee documents

  • Fixed the issue with selecting projects when adding timesheets details

  • Fix issues occurred due to incorrectly configured API

Release note v28.1.0.PRO

🧲 New features

  • Improved tables for displaying data in several modules

  • Faster data loading (specially for employee module)

  • Initials based profile pictures

  • Re-designed login page

  • Re-designed user profile page

  • Improvements to filtering

  • New REST endpoints for employee qualifications

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed, issue with managers being able to create performance reviews for employees who are not their direct reports

  • Fixed, issues related to using full profile image instead of using smaller version of profile image

  • Changing third gender to other

  • Fixed, not listing countries on job application page

  • Improvements and fixes for internal frontend data caching

Release note v27.1.0.PRO

New features

  • UI/UX improvements

  • Custom user role permissions

  • Employee edit form updated

  • Employee daily task list

  • Attendance and employee distribution charts on dashboard

  • Improvements to company structure and company assets module

Read more about the release here

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix leave carry forward issues, when employee leave periods used in combination with leave rules

Release note v27.0.2.PRO

This fixes some major issues found in v27.0.1.PRO

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Filtering across whole application was broken and now it's fixed

  • Fixed the issue related to photo not being shown to the admin when photo attendance is enabled

🧑🏻‍💻 For developers

  • We have added support for vagrant development environment based on Debian 10 / PHP 7.3 (with Xdebug) / Nginx / MySQL

Release note v27.0.0.PRO

New features

  • UI/UX improvements (new fonts / better spacing)

  • Payroll module improvements

  • Security improvements to password policy

  • Adding total leave days column, when displaying employee leave data

  • Adding more leave information to the email sent to managers for approving leave requests

  • Ability to limit leave requests to full-day and half-day

  • Albanian language is now available

  • Ability to deploy using docker

For developers

Bug fixes

  • Fixes to newly found vulnerabilities ( credits to: Talos

  • Fixing leave module, calculations for complex leave rule combinations

  • Fixed the travel request approval for managers

  • Fixed the issue with attendance source IP display

  • Fixing Api issues in PHP 7.3

Release note v26.9.0.PRO

New features

  • Teams module for creating teams in company

  • Enable custom user roles

  • Introducing fine-grained user role management by adding restricted user roles

  • Introducing new Gender group 'Divers' for employees and candidates (according to German intersex law)

Bug fixes

  • Show only active job posts

  • For employee leave period based leave types - fix available leave balance amount when applying for a leave

  • Fix eave calculations using leave rules depends on employee experience

Release note v26.7.0.PRO

Leave Management

  • Leave periods can be based on employee joined date or confirmation date

  • Now you can see the detailed leave calculation for each leave type in leave entitlement

Data Import Improvements

  • Download file template via data importer (the file will be automatically generated using fileds in data importer)

  • Add a common data importer which makes it easy to create custom data importers

  • Custom field data can now be imported

  • Improvemnts to import file validations

Payroll & Payslip

  • Payroll columns can have simple java script based calculations

  • Any employee information (general fields or custom fields) can now be shown on payslip

  • Any employee information (general fields or custom fields) can be used for payroll calculations


  • Improvements to automated E2E test

Release note v26.6.0.PRO

Improved Recruitment

  • Now you can add rich text when creating Job posts

  • Ability to select a hiring manager for each job post, who is getting email updates about now candidates and interviews

  • Improvements to the page job position page such as showing hiring manager details and simplified application form

  • Send a confirmation email to candidate after receiving job application

  • Ability to schedule interviews with multiple interviewers

  • Sending email notifications to interviewers and hiring manager when an interview is scheduled

  • Fixing issues related to sharing jobs posts on social media

Leave Module

  • Ability to create leave rules targeting specific leave periods. (Example use case: configuring different leave carry forward settings for each leave periods)

  • Fixing calculation issues occurred due to having future leave periods

Improvements to Attendance Tracking

  • Tracking IP and location of the employee when marking attendance, this is done when updating attendance via mobile

  • Ability to control location tracking via mobile using server side settings

  • Compatible with location tracking with latest version of Icehrm Mobile app on AppStore ( and Google Play (

Other Features

  • Some Improvements to UI such as updating Icons and upgrading font-awesome to its latest version

  • Improvements to translations

Other Fixes

  • Order projects by name on Timesheet project listing (This is to make it easier to edit timesheets with many projects)

  • Link home page user profile to employee profile update page

  • Fix issues related to configuring Api with mobile app

Security Improvements

  • Upgrade npm missing dependencies

Release note v26.4.0.PRO


  • Add staff directory module

  • Update client-side js to ES6

  • Compatible with IceHrm Mobile App

  • Use npm libraries when possible

  • Add gulp build for frontend assets

  • Allow generating QR code with rest api key (

  • Updated readme for development setup with vagrant

  • Changes to leave entitlement layout

  • Show leave breakdown properly on leave entitlement

  • Display the leave type or rule affecting the leave entitlement

  • Order all leave listings by latest start date

  • Exclude PTO and carried forward leave days from accrued leave calculation

  • New api endpoints for leave and expense


  • Add missing employee details report

  • Fix: Labels of 'Employee Custom Fields' not displayed

  • Fix: Work week for all counties can not be edited

  • Fix: Custom fields are not shown under employee profile

  • Fix: Additional buttons shown below timesheet list

  • Updates to Italian translations by

  • Fix issue: incorrect leave carry forward

  • Fix: Work week for all counties can not be edited

  • Error sending notification when expense is approved

  • Fix: When cancelling a leave request no email is sent to the manager (

Release note v25.1.0.PRO


  • Multiple leave period support

  • Arabic language support


  • Fix PHP v5.6 compatibility issues

Release note v25.0.0.PRO


  • Performance review module

  • Company asset management module

  • Improvements to email templates

  • Support for Serbian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch languages


  • Allow making non required date fields empty

  • Fix leave approval issue for languages other than English

Release note v24.0.0.PRO

This release includes some very critical security fixes. We recommend upgrading your installation to latest release.


  • Allow passing additional parameters to payroll predefined methods

  • Pass leave type name in function field to get leave count for a given type

  • Make document valid until field optional

  • Add employee name to payroll report

  • Show supervisor name on employee profile

  • Add custom fields to employee report

  • Add filter by status feature to subordinate time sheets

  • Make document attachment mandatory

Security Fixes

  • Fix missing login form CSRF token

  • Fix risky usage of hashed password in request

  • Fixing permission issues on module access for each user level

  • Prevent manager from accessing sensitive user records

Other Fixes

  • Hide employee salary from managers

  • Prevent manager from accessing audit, cron and notifications

  • Prevent managers from deleting employees

  • Remove manager access from employee history

  • Fix recruitment module security issues

  • Fix: Training coordinator is not able to edit training session

  • Validate overtime start and end times

  • Fix: Employee "Subordinate expense" status filter is not visible

  • Do not allow employees or managers to delete expense requests which are not pending

  • Fix issue: employee can download draft payroll

Release note v23.0.0.PRO

This release include some security fixes. We recommend upgrading your installation to latest release. Now feature wise IceHrm cloud and pro are same


  • Recruitment module

  • Announcement module

  • Conversation module - company public discussion board

  • Loading last used module when revisiting application

  • Finnish language support (Beta)

  • Improvements to German, Italian and Chinese language translations

  • Allow quickly switching languages

  • Improvements to security for preventing possible LFI attacks

  • Allow manual date inputs

  • Custom fields for travel requests

  • Allow importing approved overtime hours into payroll

  • Add date and time masks


  • Fix logout cookie issue, by clearing remember me cookie when logging out

  • Improve privacy for GDPR

  • Improvements to file upload field

  • Fix issue: attendance rest end point not working on php 5.6

  • Fix, leave request attachment can not be seen

Release note v22.0.0.PRO


  • Support multiple leave groups ()

  • Allow filtering by all leave statuses

  • New view for leave time-line

  • Improvements to leave module documentation

  • Improvements to module naming


  • Remove unwanted default leave periods

  • Fix issue with approved leave cancellation

  • Fix issue: filter dialog default values are not selected

  • Fix issue: department head can be an employee outside the department

  • Fix issue: department head or supervisor (who has manager leave access) can't use switch employee feature

  • Fix issue: employee name is not visible on report if middle name is empty

  • Fix issue with viewing files attached to leave requests

Release note v21.1.0.PRO


  • Creating leave rules based on years of experience of employees

  • UI improvements (help button and error messages)

  • Allow adding placeholders to test fields

  • Improvements to German Translations


  • Fix leave rule selection issue when leave groups are used

  • Fixing notification issues

Release note v21.0.0.PRO


  • Improvements to leave/PTO module

  • Ability to carry forward leave balance indefinitely


  • Fix outdated Mail library

  • Fix issue: JSON strings not supported in GET request

Release note v20.3.0.PRO


  • Employee and Attendance REST Api Released

  • Import/Export for Payroll Configurations

  • Ability to import employee approved time sheet hours to payroll

  • Ability to import approved expenses into payroll

  • Swift Mailer based SMTP support (no need to install Net_SMTP anymore)

  • Add direct Edit button on employee list


  • Fix DB connection issues due to special characters in password

  • Fixes for custom field saving issues in mysql v5.7.x

Release note v20.2


  • Fix for resetting modules

Release note v20.1


  • Compatible with MySQL 5.7 Strict Mode

  • PSR-2 compatible code

  • Employee History Module

  • Staff Directory


  • Fix: password reset not working

  • Fix: limiting selectable countries via Settings

Release note v19.4


  • DB migration support - no need to upgrade your database manually for every release

  • Adding calender view to timesheet module

  • Ability to quickly edit timesheets using an editable table

  • Subordinate timesheets can be filtered by employee


  • Fix for setting user language

  • Fixing issues with Employee time entry report

  • Fix for displaying custom fields under employee profile page

Release note v19.0


  • DB migration support - no need to upgrade your database manually for every release

  • Payroll Module Improvements

  • Development environment and vagrant machine is available now

  • Department heads who can manage all employees attached to a company structure

Release note v18.0


  • Fix issue: admin dashboard translations are not working

Release note v18.0


  • Translations (beta) for German, French, Polish, Italian, Sinhala, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Spanish

  • PDF Reports

  • Ability to specify department heads

  • Add advanced custom fields to employees via UI

  • Allow indirect admins to approve travel requests

  • Adding more languages to Language meta data table

  • Improvements to report module

  • Ability to select sections for placing custom fields on employee detail view screen

  • Introducing clone button

  • Unlimited custom fields for employees

  • PDF report for monitoring time employee spent on projects

  • Report files module - Allow downloading all previously generated reports


  • Fix: subordinates are not showing beyond first page issue

Release note v17.1


  • Fix: recruitment module candidates not loading issue

  • Fix report files issue

Release note v17.0


  • Introducing clone button

  • Unlimited custom fields for employees

  • PDF reports using wkhtmltopdf

  • Introducing pdf report for monitoring time employee spent on projects

  • Report files module - Allow downloading all previously generated reports


  • Attendance sheets module - allow setting overtime calculation period

  • Remove pwd button from user roles tab

  • Allow viewing paid invoices (Enterprise only)

  • Adding missing jQuery UI

Release note v16.1


  • Fix LDAP login issues

  • Prevent webserver from printing errors on screen

  • Allowing "." and "-" on username

Release note v16.0


  • Payroll reports module for IceHrm Enterprise

  • Improvements to salary module

  • Employee History Tracking module - Track all important changes to an employee

  • Initial implementation of icehrm REST Api

  • Improvements to data filtering

  • Multiple tabs for settings module

  • Overtime reports - now its possible to calculate overtime for employees.compatible with US overtime rules

  • A tab to list documents added under employee view

  • Logout the user if tried accessing an unauthorized module

  • Setting for updating module names

  • Add department filter to employee leave report


  • Fix issue: classes should be loaded even the module is disabled

  • Checking user permission before adding default module for user

  • Deleting the only Admin user is not allowed

  • Fixes for cron issues

  • Fixes for handling non UTF-8

  • Fix for non-mandatory select boxes are shown as mandatory

  • Fix: Indirect supervisor full leave list not showing

Release note v15.0


  • Training module added to IceHrm Pro

  • LDAP module added to IceHrm Pro

  • Clear HTML5 local storage when logging in and switching users

  • Adding indirect supervisors to employees

  • Allow indirect supervisors to approve leave requests

  • Improve leave status change workflow

  • Showing a loading message while getting data from server

  • Adding a new field to show total time of each time sheet

  • New report added for listing Employee Time Sheets

  • Company logo uploaded via settings will be used for all email headers


  • Fix issue: default module URL is incorrect for Employees

  • Fix date parsing issue in time sheets

  • AWS phar is included only when required

Release note v14.6


  • Adding a parameter for leave types and leave rules for setting maximum number of leave days that can be carried forward from one year to another


  • When a leave is cancelled, another leave can not be applied on the same day

  • Fix dashboard attendance count

Release note v14.4


  • Fix for Paid time off not getting bound to leave period issue

  • Fix amount label name in expense module

  • Fix for expenses report (payee field is not in report)

  • Fix issue: users are not redirected to default module after login (IcehrmPro)

  • Run cron jobs only is the file exists

Release note v14.0


  • Expense management module

  • Improvements to travel management module to change the process of applying for travel requests

  • Employee document expiry notifications

  • Immigration documents has been removed from travel module and users should use documents module instead

  • Leave filtering with leave period

  • New report add for getting travel requests

  • Bunch of UI improvements including changing menu order and font sizes

  • Ability to stop all notifications for certain leave types

  • Add a setting to use server time for time zone defined on department that a user is attached to create new attendance records

  • Improvements to admin/manager and user dashboard

  • Managers allowed to view/add/edit employee documents

  • New reports added for employee expenses and travel


  • Fix issue: leave type not included in employee leave report

  • Fix invoice ordering

  • Fix unavailable help links

  • Remove manager access from recruitment setup

  • Remove Add New button from employees module for managers

  • Remove Add New button from archived and terminated employees tabs

  • Fix - training module view session info from my training sessions tab not working

Release note v13.4



  • Fix employee leave report leave type field

Release note v13.0


  • Recruitment module

  • Allow managers to edit attendance of direct report employees


  • Employee switching issue fixed

  • Fix terminated employee labels

  • Fix issue with punch-in

Release note v12.6


  • Charts module

  • Code level security improvements


  • Employee switching issue fixed

Release note v11.1


  • Add/Edit or remove employee fields

Release note v11.0


  • Employee data archiving

  • Leave cancellation requests

  • Adding view employee feature


  • Improvements to date time pickers

Release note v10.1


  • Integration with ice-framework (

  • Option for only allow users to add an entry to a timesheet only if they have marked atteandance for the selected period

  • Restricting availability of leave types to employees using leave groups

  • Admins and add notes to employees

Release note v9.1


  • Add missing S3FileSystem class

  • Fix issue: passing result of a method call directly into empty method is not supported in php v5.3

Release note v9.0


  • New user interface

  • Decimal leave counts supported

Update icehrm v8.4 to v9.0

  • Make a backup of your icehrm db

  • Run db script "icehrmdb_update_v8.4_to_v9.0.sql" which can be found inside script folder of icehrm_v9.0

  • remove all folders except app folder in icehrm root folder

  • copy all folders except app folder from new installation to icehrm root folder

Release note v8.4


  • Fix leave carry forward rounding issues

  • Fix issue: select2 default value not getting set for select2

  • Fix issue: email not sent when admin changing leave status

Release note v8.3


  • Fix user table issue on windows, this will resolve errors such as: (Note that this fix has no effect on unix based installations)

  • Admin not able to view user uploaded documents

  • Admin not able to upload documants for users

  • Admin can not view employee attendance records

  • Employee projects can not be added

Release note v8.2


  • Instance verification added

Release note v8.1


  • Fixed bug that caused a fatal error in php v5.4

  • aws2.7.11 phar file replaced by a aws2.7.11 extracted files

  • old aws sdk removed

Release note v8.0


  • Admin dashbord module

  • If the employee joined in current leave period, his leave entitlement is calculated proportional to joined date

  • Improvements to reporting module

  • Adding new employee time tracking report

  • Join date for employees made mandatory

  • Sending welcome email when a user is added

  • Let users directly reply to admin user from any email sent out from icehrm

  • All the users who are not admins must have an employee object attached

  • Upgrade aws sdk to v2.7.11

  • Allow employees to change password

  • Use only the email address defined under user for sending mails

  • Making work_email and private_email fields optional


  • Upload dialog close button issue fixed

Release note v7.2


Release note v7.1


  • Improved company structure graph

  • Leave notes implementation � Supervisor can add a note when approving or rejecting leaves

  • Filtering support

  • Select boxes with long lists are now searchable

  • Add/Edit/Delete company structure permissions added for managers

  • Add ability to disable employee information editing


  • Make loans editable only by admin

  • Fix: permissions not getting applied to employee documents

  • Fix error adding employee documents when no user assigned to the admin

Code Quality

  • Moving all module related code and data into module folders

Release note v6.1

Leave carry forwared related isue fixed

Release note v6.0

  • Features

  • Notifications for leaves and timesheets

  • Leave module accrue and leave carry forward

  • Employee leave entitlement sub module

  • Ability to put system on debug mode

  • Allow admins to see documents of all the employees at one place

  • Backup data when deleting an employee

  • Employee attendance report added

  • Changes to time entry form in timesheet module to make time entry process faster

  • Admin can make all projects available to employees or just the set of prjects assigned to them using Setting "Projects: Make All Projects Available to Employees"

  • Employee document, date added field can not be changed by the employee anymore

  • About dialog added for admins

  • Fixes

  • Fix default employee delete issue (when the default employee is deleted the admin user attached to it also get deleted)

  • Fix user duplicate email issue

  • Fix manager can not logout from switched employee

  • Remove admin guide from non admin users

Release note v5.3

  • Fixes

  • Fix missing employee name in employee details report

Release note v5.2

  • Fixes

  • Remove unwanted error logs

  • Fix attendance module employee permission issue

  • Resolve warnings

  • Remove add new button from subordinates module

  • Adding administrators' guide

Release note v5.1

Release note v5.0

  • Features

  • New user permission implementation

  • Adding new user level - Manager

  • Fixes

  • Fixing remote table loading issue

Release note v4.2


Release note v4.1


  • Better email format for notifications

  • Convert upload dialog to a bootstrp model

  • Fixes

  • Fix error sending emails with amazon SES

  • Fix errors related to XAMPP and WAMPP servers

  • Fix php warnings and notifications

  • Fix company structure graph issues

  • Allow icehrm client to work without an internet connection

  • Fix installer incorrect base url issue

  • Fix empty user creation issue

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