Release Notes IceHrm Open Source

Release note v29.0.0.OS

🧲 New features

🛡️ Security improvements

  • More restrictive criteria for user passwords.

  • Removing support for legacy API tokens. (if you are using the mobile app your users will need to re authorize)

  • Removing unused custom field values.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Only relevant settings are displayed, under the Other tab on settings module

Release note v28.2.0.OS

New features

Release note v28.1.1.OS

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixing inability to filter employee documents

  • Fixed the issue with selecting projects when adding timesheets details

  • Fix issues occurred due to incorrectly configured API

Release note v28.1.0.OS

🧲 New features

  • Custom user role permissions

  • Employee edit form updated

  • Employee daily task list

  • Attendance and employee distribution charts on dashboard

  • Improvements to company structure module

  • Improved tables for displaying data in several modules

  • Faster data loading (specially for employee module)

  • Initials based profile pictures

  • Re-designed login page

  • Re-designed user profile page

  • Improvements to filtering

  • New REST endpoints for employee qualifications

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed, issue with managers being able to create performance reviews for employees who are not their direct reports

  • Fixed, issues related to using full profile image instead of using smaller version of profile image

  • Changing third gender to other

  • Improvements and fixes for internal frontend data caching

Release note v27.0.2.OS

This fixes some major issues found in v27.0.1.OS

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Filtering across whole application was broken and now it's fixed

  • Fixed the issue related to photo not being shown to the admin when photo attendance is enabled

🧑🏻‍💻 For developers

  • We have added support for vagrant development environment based on Debian 10 / PHP 7.3 (with Xdebug) / Nginx / MySQL

Release note v27.0.0.OS

New features

  • Employee document management is now available for open-source version

  • UI/UX improvements (new fonts / better spacing)

  • Payroll module improvements

  • Security improvements to password policy

  • Albanian language is now available

  • Ability to deploy using docker

For developers

Bug fixes

Release note v26.6.0.OS


  • Some Improvements to UI such as updating Icons and upgrading font-awesome to its latest version

  • Tracking IP and location of the employee when marking attendance, this is done when updating attendance via mobile

  • Ability to control location tracking via mobile using server side settings

  • Improvements to translations

Mobile App


  • Order projects by name on Timesheet project listing (This is to make it easier to edit timesheets with many projects)

  • Link home page user profile to employee profile update page

  • Fix issues related to configuring Api with mobile app

Security Improvements

  • Upgrade npm missing dependencies

Release note v26.2.0.OS


  • Add staff directory module

  • Update client-side js to ES6

  • Compatible with IceHrm Mobile App

  • Use npm libraries when possible

  • Add gulp build for frontend assets

  • Allow generating QR code with rest api key (

  • Updated readme for development setup with vagrant


Release note v24.0.0.OS


  • Allow passing additional parameters to payroll predefined methods

  • Pass leave type name in function field to get leave count for a given type

  • Add employee name to payroll report

  • Show supervisor name on employee profile

  • Add custom fields to employee report

  • Add filter by status feature to subordinate time sheets

Security Fixes

  • Fix missing login form CSRF token

  • Fix risky usage of hashed password in request

  • Fixing permission issues on module access for each user level

  • Prevent manager from accessing sensitive user records

Other Fixes

  • Hide employee salary from managers

  • Prevent manager from accessing audit, cron and notifications

  • Prevent managers from deleting employees

  • Validate overtime start and end times

  • Fix issue: employee can download draft payroll

Release note v23.0.1.OS

This release include some very critical security fixes. We recommend upgrading your installation to latest release.


  • Fix missing login form CSRF token

  • Fix risky usage of hashed password in request

Release note v23.0.0.OS


  • Loading last used module when revisiting application

  • Finnish language support (Beta)

  • Improvements to German, Italian and Chinese language translations

  • Allow quickly switching languages

  • Improvements to security for preventing possible LFI attacks

  • Allow manual date inputs

  • Custom fields for travel requests

  • Allow importing approved overtime hours into payroll

  • Add date and time masks


  • Fix logout cookie issue, by clearing remember me cookie when logging out

  • Improve privacy for GDPR

  • Improvements to file upload field

  • Fix issue: attendance rest end point not working on php 5.6

Release note v22.0.0.OS


  • Improvements to module naming


  • Fix issue: filter dialog default values are not selected

  • Fix issue: department head can be an employee outside the department

  • Fix issue: department head or supervisor (who has manager leave access) can't use switch employee feature

  • Fix issue: employee name is not visible on report if middle name is empty

Release note v21.1.0.OS


  • UI improvements (help button and error messages)

  • Allow adding placeholders to text fields

  • Improvements to German Translations


  • Fixing notification issues

Release note v21.0.0.OS


  • Fully compatible with php 7.1

  • Add Net_SMTP via composer (no pear installation needed)


  • Fixes for web servers not supporting JSON in GET request

Release note v21.0.0.OS


  • Fully compatible with php 7.1

  • Add Net_SMTP via composer (no pear installation needed)


  • Fixes for web servers not supporting JSON in GET request

Release note v20.3.0.PRO


  • Employee and Attendance REST Api Released

  • Import/Export for Payroll Configurations

  • Ability to import employee approved time sheet hours to payroll

  • Swift Mailer based SMTP support (no need to install Net_SMTP anymore)

  • Add direct Edit button on employee list


  • Fix DB connection issues due to special characters in password

  • Fixes for custom field saving issues in mysql v5.7.x

Release note v20.2


  • Fix for resetting modules

Release note v20.1


  • Compatible with MySQL 5.7 Strict Mode

  • PSR-2 compatible code

  • Employee History Module

  • Staff Directory


  • Fix: password reset not working

  • Fix: limiting selectable countries via Settings

  • Fix for resetting modules

Release note v20.0


  • Payroll Module

  • Compatible with MySQL 5.7 Strict Mode

  • Namespaced Classes

  • LDAP Module


  • Fix: limiting selectable countries via Settings

Release note v19.0


  • Development environment

  • Overtime module

  • Department heads who can manage all employees attached to a company structure

Release note v18.0


  • Translations (beta) for German, French, Polish, Italian, Sinhala, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Spanish

  • PDF Reports

  • Ability to specify department heads

  • Add advanced custom fields to employees via UI

  • Allow indirect admins to approve travel requests

  • Adding more languages to Language meta data table

  • Improvements to report module

  • Ability to select sections for placing custom fields on employee detail view screen

  • Introducing clone button

  • Unlimited custom fields for employees

  • PDF report for monitoring time employee spent on projects

  • Report files module - Allow downloading all previously generated reports


  • Fix: subordinates are not showing beyond first page issue.

Release note v16.1


  • Fix LDAP user login issue

  • Allow creating users with username having dot and dash

Release note v16.0


  • Advanced Employee Management Module is now included in IceHrm Open Source Edition

  • LDAP Module which was only available in IceHrm Enterprise is now included in open source also

  • Initial implementation of icehrm REST Api for reading employee details

  • Improvements to data filtering

  • Multiple tabs for settings module

  • Overtime reports - now its possible to calculate overtime for employees.compatible with US overtime rules

  • Logout the user if tried accessing an unauthorized module

  • Setting for updating module names


  • Fix issue: classes should be loaded even the module is disabled

  • Deleting the only Admin user is not allowed

  • Fixes for handling non UTF-8

  • Fix for non-mandatory select boxes are shown as mandatory

Release note v15.2


  • Overtime Reports

  • Overtime calculation for california


  • Fix issue: uncaught error when placeholder value is empty

  • Log email sending success status

  • Fix broken longer company name issue

  • Make the application accessible when client on an intranet with no internet connection

  • Fix issue: when a module is disabled other modules depend on it stops working

Release note v15.0


  • Clear HTML5 local storage when logging in and switching users

  • Showing a loading message while getting data from server

  • Adding a new field to show total time of each time sheet

  • New report added for listing Employee Time Sheets

  • Company logo uploaded via settings will be used for all email headers


  • Fix issue: default module URL is incorrect for Employees

  • Fix date parsing issue in time sheets

  • AWS phar is included only when required

Release note v14.1


  • Add Quick access menu


  • Fix issue: salary module not loading

  • Add travel report

Release note v14.0


  • IceHrm is now fully compatible with PHP 7

  • Improvements to travel management module to change the process of applying for travel requests

  • New report add for getting travel requests

  • Improvements to user interface

  • Bunch of UI improvements including changing menu order and font sizes

  • Add a setting to use server time for time zone defined on department that a user is attached to create new attendance records

  • Improvements to admin/manager and user dashboard

  • Managers allowed to view/add/edit employee documents

  • New reports added for employee expenses and travel


  • Fix unavailable help links

Release note v13.4



  • Fix employee leave report leave type field

Release note v13.0


  • Recruitment module

  • Allow managers to edit attendance of direct report employees


  • Employee switching issue fixed

  • Fix terminated employee labels

  • Fix issue with punch-in

Release note v12.6


  • Charts module

  • Code level security improvements


  • Employee switching issue fixed

Release note v11.1


  • Add/Edit or remove employee fields

Release note v11.0


  • Employee data archiving

  • Leave cancellation requests

  • Adding view employee feature


  • Improvements to date time pickers

Release note v10.1


  • Integration with ice-framework (

  • Option for only allow users to add an entry to a timesheet only if they have marked atteandance for the selected period

  • Restricting availability of leave types to employees using leave groups

  • Admins and add notes to employees

Release note v9.1


  • Add missing S3FileSystem class

  • Fix issue: passing result of a method call directly into empty method is not supported in php v5.3

Release note v9.0


  • New user interface

  • Decimal leave counts supported

Update icehrm v8.4 to v9.0

  • Make a backup of your icehrm db

  • Run db script "icehrmdb_update_v8.4_to_v9.0.sql" which can be found inside script folder of icehrm_v9.0

  • remove all folders except app folder in icehrm root folder

  • copy all folders except app folder from new installation to icehrm root folder

Release note v8.4


  • Fix leave carry forward rounding issues

  • Fix issue: select2 default value not getting set for select2

  • Fix issue: email not sent when admin changing leave status

Release note v8.3


  • Fix user table issue on windows, this will resolve errors such as: (Note that this fix has no effect on unix based installations)

  • Admin not able to view user uploaded documents

  • Admin not able to upload documants for users

  • Admin can not view employee attendance records

  • Employee projects can not be added

Release note v8.2


  • Instance verification added

Release note v8.1


  • Fixed bug that caused a fatal error in php v5.4

  • aws2.7.11 phar file replaced by a aws2.7.11 extracted files

  • old aws sdk removed

Release note v8.0


  • Admin dashbord module

  • If the employee joined in current leave period, his leave entitlement is calculated proportional to joined date

  • Improvements to reporting module

  • Adding new employee time tracking report

  • Join date for employees made mandatory

  • Sending welcome email when a user is added

  • Let users directly reply to admin user from any email sent out from icehrm

  • All the users who are not admins must have an employee object attached

  • Upgrade aws sdk to v2.7.11

  • Allow employees to change password

  • Use only the email address defined under user for sending mails

  • Making work_email and private_email fields optional


  • Upload dialog close button issue fixed

Release note v7.2


Release note v7.1


  • Improved company structure graph

  • Leave notes implementation � Supervisor can add a note when approving or rejecting leaves

  • Filtering support

  • Select boxes with long lists are now searchable

  • Add/Edit/Delete company structure permissions added for managers

  • Add ability to disable employee information editing


  • Make loans editable only by admin

  • Fix: permissions not getting applied to employee documents

  • Fix error adding employee documents when no user assigned to the admin

Code Quality

  • Moving all module related code and data into module folders

Release note v6.1

Leave carry forwared related isue fixed

Release note v6.0

  • Features

  • Notifications for leaves and timesheets

  • Leave module accrue and leave carry forward

  • Employee leave entitlement sub module

  • Ability to put system on debug mode

  • Allow admins to see documents of all the employees at one place

  • Backup data when deleting an employee

  • Employee attendance report added

  • Changes to time entry form in timesheet module to make time entry process faster

  • Admin can make all projects available to employees or just the set of prjects assigned to them using Setting "Projects: Make All Projects Available to Employees"

  • Employee document, date added field can not be changed by the employee anymore

  • About dialog added for admins

  • Fixes

  • Fix default employee delete issue (when the default employee is deleted the admin user attached to it also get deleted)

  • Fix user duplicate email issue

  • Fix manager can not logout from switched employee

  • Remove admin guide from non admin users

Release note v5.3

  • Fixes

  • Fix missing employee name in employee details report

Release note v5.2

  • Fixes

  • Remove unwanted error logs

  • Fix attendance module employee permission issue

  • Resolve warnings

  • Remove add new button from subordinates module

  • Adding administrators' guide

Release note v5.1

Release note v5.0

  • Features

  • New user permission implementation

  • Adding new user level - Manager

  • Fixes

  • Fixing remote table loading issue

Release note v4.2


Release note v4.1


  • Better email format for notifications

  • Convert upload dialog to a bootstrp model

  • Fixes

  • Fix error sending emails with amazon SES

  • Fix errors related to XAMPP and WAMPP servers

  • Fix php warnings and notifications

  • Fix company structure graph issues

  • Allow icehrm client to work without an internet connection

  • Fix installer incorrect base url issue

  • Fix empty user creation issue

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