Training Module

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Training module in IceHrm can be used to manage process of providing internal trainings for employees.

In training module we have courses, training sessions and training subscription management.

  1. Admins/Managers can define courses

  2. Admins/Managers can use courses to create training sessions

  3. Admin can assign courses to employees or employees can subscribe

  4. Employees can mark training sessions as attended and attach a proof of completion if required

  5. Admins/Managers can approve that the training session is completed by the employee

Adding a new Course




Each course should have a code


The course name


The employee of the company who is responsible for coordinating the course. In some cases coordinator could be the trainer/instructor as well


Name of the person who conduct the course

Payment Type

Whether the course is sponsored by the company or paid by the employee

Most of the other fields are self-descriptive

Adding a new Training Session




Name of the training session


Select the trainign course

Scheduled Time

When this training session is scheduled

Assignment Due Date

If the training session has an associated assignment, the due date for that

Delivery Method

Whether the training session is delivered in a class room, online or its a sel study session

Attendance Type

- Assign = Only admins/mangers can assign the session to employees - Sign Up = Session is open for employees to sign up


An attachment with other resources for the session

Training Certificate Required

If Yes, employees have to attach a proof of completion (such as certificate) before marking the training session as completed

Subscribing to a Training Session

  1. An employee can subscribe to a training session via Training => Training module.

  2. Go to "All Training Sessions" tab

  3. Click on subscribe button

Attendance Type

Employees can only subscribe to training sessions having Attendance Type set to "Sign Up"

Completing a Training Session

Once an employee participated in a training session he/she can mark the training as completed viaTraining=>Training=>My Training Sessionstab. Once this is done a notification will be sent to the supervisor to approve the training session.

Proof of Completion

If the training session requires proof of completion, an employee has to edit the training session under "My Training Sessions" tab and attach a proof of completion before submitting it for approval

Approving a Training Session

Once an employee mark a training session as completed, the supervisor will receive a notification to approve it.

If all the things are in order, the supervisor can approve the training session via Training=>Training=>Training Sessions of Direct Reports tab

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